Welcome To the Stephens County Amateur Radio Society Page. We are Hams all over the Southeast Region of the United States , that are here to promote the goodwill of amateur radio. Recognition and enhancement of the value of the amateur service to the public as a voluntary noncommercial communication service, particularly with respect to providing Emergency Communications. The ability to contribute to the advancement of the radio art thru Encouragement and Improvement of advancing skills of the arts.
If your looking for help into getting into Amateur Radio, NETS , Traffic handling. please get in contact with one of Our Club Members for more details or information. We will be Glad to help you. We have our local Nets on Tuesday and Thuresday at 8pm est. Also we have become apart of the Southeastern Linked Repeater Network on Wednesday Nights at 9 pm. Please come out and Join our local Club Meetings on the 3rd. Tuesday of Every Month at 6 pm. at the Toccoa / Stephens County Airport. located at 2201 E. Tugalo St. Toccoa Ga. 30577. if you have any Questions please email me at        
Email :  kr4cw1@gmail.co


Coming up ( JULY 16– 2019  6 pm  )… We will have Our Monthly Club Meeting, where we will be Talking about  our next event and nets and Starting on Traffic Handling … So come out and join us for a GREAT TIME AND REFRESHMENTS…

Coming UP ( July 20 – 2019  1pm ) We will be having our next VE TEST SESSION at the Toccoa / Stephens County Airport. We will be giving All Test ( Tech, General, Extra ) Cost will be $15.00 must have ID and copy of License, if your upgrading…if it’s your first time taking a test please go to the FCC website and sign up for a FRN number and create your Account.  Here is the link to get started.                                  https://apps.fcc.gov/coresWeb/regEntityType.do   Please make sure you print this off and bring with you, so you will have your FRN number. without this we can not submit your test.

ATTENTION The Stephens County Amateur Radio Had a Great Time with Field DAy 2019. We had many people come by and a few that flew in from florida even a few Doctors that got interested in radio.  We worked 20/40 meters the whole time and made over 220 Contacts.  Even had a few station that was a clean sweep.  Thanks to our local supporters and all they do for the club. Every one made this a success… CANT WAIT TIL WINTER OR THE NEXT EVENT HELD FOR EMERGENCY COMMUNICATIONS TRAINING.  REST ASSURE EVERY EVENT HAS SOMETHING TO LEARN FROM.  LETS MAKE THE NEXT ONE EVEN MORE BETTER THEN THE LAST…